An Environment of Connection

Houston NVC is made up of individuals who have experienced the value of connection. What that means to us is that we can hold different belief systems, have different opinions, want different goals and still work together across these differences. Connection happens when we realize the humanity in each other. Sometimes it happens quickly and sometimes it takes time…but it always happens if we stay committed to connecting.

Identifying & Anticipating Needs

Needs are something we all share as human beings. Our training has given us the ability to anticipate what you need whether you are a community, company, couple or individual. We distinguish between needs and strategies when discerning what you value. Sometimes these needs are hidden behind words or actions, our facilitators demonstrate how to identify, interpret and address these needs with compassion and care.

A Culture of Partnership

One of Houston NVC’s basic beliefs is that we live and work interdependently. We strive to create an environment that works together whether through shared projects, collaborative communication, restorative practices or listening circles. Relying on a “power-with” instead of a “power-over” paradigm, we bring awareness to power strategies both structurally and systemically, then work to bring balance that meets the needs of those involved.


"The teachings of Nonviolent Communication have become invaluable to me. After 5 weeks of these classes communication between my co-workers, family members and housemates has improved dramatically. The beautiful aspect of this work is that it can apply to many facets of your life. These skills teach you to listen and reflect in creative and fun ways. You will learn wonderful ways to bond and communicate to create better relationships."

Tobi Pavlas, Author

"I have been constantly changed and have experienced a rejuvenating and renewing of my mind from the NVC workshop.  I have been empowered to relate to others positively and to be the change in the world that I wish to see."

Katherine, Montessori Teacher, Houston, TX

"This has been the most influential training I have ever had the honor of being a part of. The training helped me process the huge emotional rolodex that I am capable of experiencing. I was never afraid or shy of emotion. What I lacked, and take away most from this, is how people need to be connected...myself included."

Loni, Service Dispatcher, Grapevine, TX

"NVC has been a huge boon to me. Since practicing NVC, I find that I am more capable of creating the kind of connection that makes compassionate giving possible. This has impacted all of my closest relationships and is sure to enhance my future in many ways."

Dave, Entrepreneur, Kansas City, MO

"I had the pleasure of interacting with several HNVC people in the last 12 months, starting with the 2018 IIT in Texas. That week of training brought the next level of understanding and practice around NVC into my life, including continuous regular contact in Karen’s online practice group later. My need of connecting with NVC minded people got a big boost during the IIT to the point where I had fear of the contrast of returning to my life. The weekly online practice dispelled that fear and also has delivered that regular maintenance and growth I have been craving. I love that we are studying (not just reading, but truly studying) the NVC book in the weekly meeting!"

Daniel, Software Engineer, Seattle, WA

"Thank you very much for taking time and effort to come and present an important topic to our seniors group. The presentation was very effective and very helpful. Each and everyone enjoyed the presentation thoroughly and felt good that they can apply what they learned in their daily life and improve the relationships and keep the life flowing."

Mr. AK, Program Chair, Desi Seniors, Sugarland, TX.

"Houston NVC has enabled me to connect with a caring community of people that I may never have met otherwise. I see the contribution that they make to their local community, and the vision they have to bridge people from all over the world. In the offerings I have attended, like the Compassionate Communication practice group, I have received support, awareness, learning, and understanding in a fun and flexible environment. In my interactions with board members and facilitators, I feel seen, heard, and inspired. I have great hope for the future of Houston NVC."

Melissa, Virtual Assistant & Student, Chochenyo Ohlone occupied territory, CA

"In the Monday night practice group, I found acceptance, patience and kindness. For someone like me, with English as a second language, I found a supportive environment of learning. The meetings online really meet my needs for flexibility, community, and accountability."

Mitzi, Quasi Jackal, Sweden

"The compassionate perspective I was introduced to inspired me to connect more with myself and my own needs and this easily bridged to more connection to the needs of my family. I appreciate the NVC tools in my parenting journey and am using the ‘power with’ strategies introduced to me. As I shifted my goal to ‘power with’ my husband and children and beyond ‘right and wrong’, our relationships are improving. I am committed to practicing and sharing giraffe language with my family and friends!"

Amy L, Home School Mother, San Diego, CA

"Bren, you are a well of knowledge and passion for this work as a change agent for the world we live in.  You give me hope! You are patient, organized, and very clear. I appreciate the real life examples and your explanation of the processing of information following NVC."

Florencia, Psychologist and Mother, Houston, TX.